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BPO Consulting Co. is an associated company of Yangtze CPAs & Co. , providing services since 1997. Located at Taipei, Taoyuan, Taichung, Tainan and Kaohsiung, 5 major cities in Taiwan. Today, Yangtze CPAs & BPO Consulting have over 120 skilled people, delivering solutions to clients from all continents. BPO Consulting Co., Ltd. specializes in Business Process Outsourcing to allow clients to focus on core duties.
Allinial Global is the 2nd largest international accounting association, with over 23,000 staff across over 180 member firms and 70+ countries. As the sole member firm of the association in Taiwan, Yangtze/BPO has access to a global network to support our clients' growth.


13-3 No. 666 Wuquan W. Rd Sec 2,

Nantuen District, Taichung, Taiwan (408)

Contact: Stan Hu 

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