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Things to know for doing business in Taiwan

Find out social benefits cost and percentage to payroll here.
Find out more about employee regulations here.
Find out enterprise related tax regulations  here.
Find out how to pay your personal tax in Taiwan here.
Find out whether to issue statutory audited report, or to engage a CPA to certify tax return here.


  • Setting up payroll accounts
  • Enrollment of new hires into social benefits
  • Withdrawal of  resigning employees from social benefits
  • Salary adjustment for social benefit
  •  Payroll calculation
  • Payroll report
  • Payroll payments to employees, social insurance agencies, pension, tax authority

Tax Compliance

  1. Daily bookkeeping
  2. VAT filing
  3. Income tax filing
  4. Estimated tax filing
  5. Annual withholding filing

Bank management

  1. Vendor payments
  2. Payroll payments
  3. Reimbursements of petty cash to employees
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