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Establishing a branch



Working days

Reservation of Taiwan branch name
  1. Photo copy of shareholder's ID

  2. Provide 5 company name in the order of your preference

  3. Scope of business

  4. Local contact address - address of preparatory office, if available

1 - 2 

Apply for investment approval
  1. Photocopy of certificate of parent company

  2. Power of attorney (POA) to appoint a representative

  3. Power of attorney to appoint a branch manager

10 - 14 

Open bank account and remit working capital
Working capital verification
  1. Branch manager needs to go to bank in person to open bank accounts.

  2. Remit working capital from parent company

*** Note: The branch manager  needs to go to bank to convert preparatory bank account to official bank account after establishment of the branch.

  1. Provide remittance memo to CPA

  2. CPA verifies and issues remittance verification report

10 - 14 

Business registration
  1. Representative needs to go to tax office to acknowledge being appointed as a representative by signing a document

14 - 21 

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